Toro 51609 Ultra 12 Amp Review (updated version 51619)

Toro was founded to build tractor engines more than a hundred years ago. Now, Toro has evolved into a billion dollar company. It has a wide selection of great product lines. One of those is its famous electric blowers/vacs line. The Toro 51609 Ultra (updated version 51619) is one of the most popular models from that product line.  We highly recommend this leaf vacuum mulcher. And, here is why.


Toro 51619Overall features

Toro 51609 Ultra has a 12 amp motor which is capable of moving the air at the maximum speed of 235 mph. Its powerful vacuum makes it easy to remove the leaves off your lawn. With its metal impeller, it can reduce the size of leaves up to 16 to 1 ratio which is called mulching reduction ratio of 16:1. The unit converts from vacuum to blower mode with  no tool required.  Plus, its power is adjustable in different situations. Just recently, Toro starting offer Toro 51619 Ultra,  a slightly upgrade for Toro 51609.  Toro 51619 Ultra bump the top speed up to 250 mph and offers  350 cfm for vacuum. It also comes with a cord lock system. We will talk about it in details in a bit.

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Electric and not gas

Toro 51609/51619 is a corded device. Most probably, you will need a long extension cord to use it. According to its user manual, 14 AWG wire for a 100 ft extension cord. And, 12 AWG wire for a 150 ft extension cord.  It is recommended not to go beyond 150 feet for the extension cord. The longer the extension cord is, the heavier it gets. Plus, the weight of the vacuum, it makes difficult to do your lawn job. Also, during use, the cord can be disconnected. This is especially true for Toro 51609 since there is no cord lock system on it. Users are recommended to secure the extension cord to the product cord using an overhand knot(check your manual). With Toro 51609, this issue gets alleviated since it has a built-in cord locking hook that keeps the extension cord firmly in place.

Metal impeller for sure

Toro 51609 and 51619 come with metal impellers. We love it. Compared with traditional plastic impellers, metal impellers are more durable and reliable over the long run.

Toro 51609 metal impeller


A few other things to mention

For the vacuum mode, you will definitely need vacuum tube. For blower mode,  Toro 51609/51619 comes with two nozzle attachments to narrow the focus of the air stream. The power insert adds additional power with its small opening. The concentrator nozzle could be used when clean up the edges or cracks.


We like its metal impeller and think that it works very well to mulch leaves. Even though not extremely fine, they are good enough to speed up composting and make bagging simpler.

Need more power?

Toro Ultra with its 3 in 1 function, it is powerful enough to handle the leaves in your backyard and lawn. But, if you want something packed with more power. You might want to check out Toro 51621 UltraPlus. It offers a  max speed of 250 mph and up to 350 cfm.

Toro 51621

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On top of this, it has an oscillating nozzle that automatically sweeps air so you get a wider cleaning path without turning your wrist. Its patented Shredz-All Shred Ring helps to improve the leaf mulching (shredding) reduction rate up to 97%.


We like the Toro 51609 Ultra Blower/Vac (Toro 51619 Ultra, its recent upgrade) . If you are looking for your leaf vacuum mulcher, the Toro 51609/51619 Ultra could be your best bet.