WORX WG509 Electric TriVac Review

Positec Tool owns a line of garden equipment known as WORX. WG509 TriVac is one of its popular lawn or garden products. It has a vacuum, mulcher and blower, 3 in 1.

Overall review

WORX WG509WG509 has a 12-amp motor to supports leaf vacuum mulcher or blower.  Its vacuum capacity is up to 350 cpm. The leaf mulching reduction ratio is up to 18:1. Its top speed for the blower is 210 mph. It weighs about 8.4 lbs. The unit has three pieces, a collection bag, nozzle, the heart of the vacuum/mulcher/blower. It is really good at dry leaf pickup and mulching. With a press of one button, you can easily take off the nozzle to access impeller in case it needs cleaning. You can also switch from a vacuum mulcher to a blower with a simple lever. This is really easy compared with most of the competitor’s models which may need a bit assembly work to change from vacuum mulcher to the blower mode. That is definitely a plus.

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Tips to use

Vacuum lawn when leaves are dry since it is much more difficult to mulch those leaves when they are wet. There is an extension cord retainer to keep the extension in place/plugged in to prevent the extension cord from popping out. Take advantage of that feature.

Beyond the budget

If you think WORX WG509 is beyond your budget, you can also look into the WORX WG505. It is less expensive. But, you have trade it off with the power.



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If you look more into the functionality of the blower, you might want to take a closer look at the WORX WG508 option. With that unit, you have to take off and re-assembly some of the parts to convert it from the vacuum mulcher to blower mode. It requires a bit more work than the flip of a switch. But, with the same amount of the money, you do get a more mph out of it. Its max speed is 240 mph.


Is WORX WG509 the best leaf vacuum mulcher in the market? We may not know. But, this is a great unit for the home owners. With it, you can vacuum your lawn and clean your yard with only one tool.